Scores were impressive across the board; nearly all in the high 60s and several pushing over into the magic 70% and over zone. Thank you to all competitors for making so much effort in turn out. All the horses and ponies looked stunning.<br>The event was strongly supported by non-members, which is always good for the Club. As a non-member, we hope you will come again and please do consider joining (contact SDRC Membership Secretary). As members, your competition successes go towards our year end Consistency Cup placings and you get first dibs on clinics and events.<br>Thank you to the brilliant and ever-patient Karen Truss, who judged the whole event. Karen is known among competitors for her fair and consistent marking and her kind and constructive comments.<br>Finally, a massive thank you goes out to the people who helped throughout the day, especially those members who competed, made their horses comfortable on their trailer and then came back to write for the judge or work the doors. It is said tediously often, but we cannot run these events without volunteer support.<br>See you all at the next time!

Class 1: Intro B

Judge: Karen Truss      
1st128JuniorLaura HyattBob71.30%71     
2nd129JuniorEmma BloomfieldPolly70%71
3rd131JuniorShanta SloanRiversong68.26%69  
4th136JuniorGrace CatlinDammerville Boy66.07%67  
1st133SeniorInga CrosbyEarly One Morning69.79%70
2nd130SeniorKerry WalkerOwen69.57%69
3rd135SeniorLaura VooghtShannon's Star68.26%68
4th137SeniorLiz CowellShruna's Joy67.61%67
5th132SeniorMelanie EllisOur Ginger66.74%66
Class 2: Prelim 12      
Judge: Karen Truss      
Entrant number
Junior / Senior
1st136JuniorGrace CatlinDammerville Boy67.04%69
2nd129JuniorEmma BloomfieldPolly65.55%66
3rd131JuniorShanta SloanRiversong64.81%64
1st142SeniorAmy WranglesDickie Bow75%76
2nd138SeniorMaxine BrownLady Darcy73.33%73
3rd143SeniorRoberta BastonWalter69.80%69
4th141SeniorSarah HoltD'Artagnon68.15%67
5th139SeniorSimone HarrisHouey67.41%67
6th140SeniorHeather Nigbur-DayCallie65.37%64
7th130SeniorKerry WalkerOwen65%66
8th133SeniorInga CrosbyEarly One Morning64.65%64
9th132SeniorMelanie EllisOur Ginger64.26%65
Class 3: Prelim 13      
Judge: Karen Truss      
PlaceEntrant number Entrant nameHorsePercentageColls
1st139 Simone HarrisHouey66.73%68
2nd144 Rohan LifelyDrumcrave Katie65%66
3rd140 Heather Nigbur-DayCallie63.85%66
4th137 Liz CowellShruna's Joy60.77%62
Class 4: Novice 30      
Judge: Karen Truss      
PlaceEntrant number Entrant nameHorsePercentageColls
1st148 Scarlett BraceyOats73.46%61
2nd145 Sue HarringtonBreezie70.96%59
3rd149 Sue HarringtonDollie70.77%59
4th147 Anita ThomasMartell's Imperial67.69%55
5th146 Jemma MarlowAran65.96%54
6th143 Roberta BastonWalter65.19%53
Class 56: PYO Nov 34 / Ele 49 / Med 71      
Judge: Karen Truss      
Entrant number
TestEntrant nameHorsePercentageColls
Novice 34
Sue HarringtonBreezie74.50%46.5
Novice 34
Anita ThomasMartell's Imperial69.52%42
Novice 34
Jemma MarlowAran66.67%40