Thank you to everyone who came along to support the day, both members and non members, and for all the volunteers/helpers setting up the course and on the day.


CLASS 1, Peter Pan, 30cm

1st        Lily Bright                   Tic-Tac

2nd        Mia Hart-Smith           Misty

3rd        Rosie Sandford           Alfie

4th        Dolly Wood                 Ping

CLASS 2,  Beginners, 45cm

1st        Lily Bright                   Tic-Tac           

2nd        Scarlett Thornton        Thunder

3rd        Mia Hart-Smith            Misty

4th        Dolly Wood                 Ping

CLASS 3,  Small Novice, 60cm

1st        Isla Hackney               Prince

2nd        Lily Bright                   Tic-Tac

3rd        Dawn Grocock              Blue Cross Evan

4th        Lily Peebles                 Fly

5th        Scarlett Thornton         Cocoa

CLASS 4, Novice, 70cm

1st        Dawn Grocock           Blue Cross Evan

2nd        Isla Hackney            Prince

3rd        Sophia Malocca          Snowy Mountain

4th        Sally Georgiou           Conor

5th        Lily Peebles               Fly

6th        Scarlett Bracey           Oats

CLASS 5, Large Novice, 80cm

1st        Sophia Malocca          Snowy Mountain

2nd        Jess Hackney            Finn

3rd        Megan Menzies          Connie

4th        Sally Georgiou            Conor

5th        Maxine Tinkler           Artex

6th        Scarlett Bracey           Oats