On Tuesday, 23rd January, Stevenage and District Riding Club celebrated their 60th year! SDRC was founded in 1958, and has long been a focal point for equestrian events in the Hertfordshire area, offering a wide range of activities. From dressage and show-jumping to side-saddle clinics and trips to the beach, we’ve tried it all!

The evening began with the Club’s 60th Annual General Meeting, before a presentation of prizes for member’s achievements throughout 2017. An excellent fish and chip supper was followed by a highly informative and entertaining talk by local vet Susanna Ballinger, from her new veterinary practice, Ballinger Equine, which rounded the evening off perfectly.

SDRC prides itself on being a friendly club, with a strong core base of volunteers and members. We welcome anyone with a love of horses, whether they want to compete at Area and National level, local level, or even if they don’t want to ride at all and just help at events!

We enjoy a strong relationship with our members, and always do our best to listen to what they want from the Club, and then to accommodate those wishes. Recently, we have run clinics in activities such as showing, side-saddle, Pilates, and dressage to music.

It was wonderful to have an evening to be able to celebrate the achievements of our members at local, Area and National level. Every year, awards are handed out to those who have competed most consistently in showing, show-jumping and dressage, with an overall prize for consistency across all disciplines. These categories are split into Junior and Senior, allowing our adults at least a chance of competing with the whizzy youngsters!

All in all, it was a lovely night celebrating the continuation of a club which has been helping to create great memories and strong friendships for sixty years. All that remains is to decide how we are going to celebrate this milestone in our history. According to our treasurer, we don’t have the budget for diamond browbands. Back to the drawing board then…

Rachel Christie - Secretary.


Consistency Results, 2017

Top Consistency placings, 2017

Junior Show Jumping

Champion                Scarlett Bracey                   Beaghman  (Fly)

Reserve Champ      Mia Hart-Smith                    Misty

3rd                               Sam Hart-Smith                    Misty

4th                               Lily Sandford                        Gandalf

5th                               Isla Hackney                         Prince

6th                               Millie Watson                        Honey

7th                               Bryony Jones                        Millie

8th                               Jess Hackney                       Finn

9th                               Jasmine Hogg                      Caspar

10th                             Isla Hackney                         Cui

Senior Show Jumping

Champion                Sally Georgiou                    Connor

Reserve Champ      Rachel Christie                   James

3rd                               Donna Dance                       Red Rupert

4th                                Tamsyn Gillan                      Dave

5th                               Natalie Bird                           Vishnu

6th                               Lara Pulsakowa                   Dunlad

7th                               Jess Buxton                          Marcus Aurelius

8th                               Elaine Bracey                       Silver Sam

9th                               Kay Sheppard                      James

= 10th                          Nicola Payne                        Edagio

= 10th                          Caroline Wells                      George

Junior  Dressage

Champion                Caitlin Borland                    Drumacre Dreamcatcher

Reserve Champ      Scarlett Bracey                   Beaghman

3rd                              Catriona McClure                 Rika

4th                               Lily Peebles                          Tobi

5th                               Lily Strobel                            Bojangles

6th                               Isla Hackney                         Cui

7th                               Bethan Belcher                    Hero

8th                               Lily Sandford                        Gandalf

= 9th                            Zoe Brown                            Roxy

= 9th                            Amelia Baker-Pearce          Cobey

= 9th                            Jemma Marlow                     Sox

= 9th                            Emma Shaw                         Midnight

Senior  Dressage

Champion                Linda Painter                       Derrymore’s Lady Lolita

Reserve Champ      Elaine Bracey                      Silver Sam

3rd                               Emma Hogg                          Tish

4th                               Vanessa Regester               Fantastic Mr Fox

5th                               Sarah Kendall                      JoJo

6th                                Jo Theze                                Rossduff

7th                               Hollie Common                    Paddy

= 8th                            Sally Georgiou                      Connor

= 8th                            Anita Thomas                       Martells Imperial

= 10th                          Jess Buxton                          Redpools Mirene

= 10th                          Lyn Campbell-Gray              Maesmynach Milly

Junior Overall Consistency

Champion                Caitlin Borland                    Drumacre Dreamcatcher

Reserve Champ      Scarlett Bracey                   Beaghman

3rd                               Lily Sandford                        Gandalf

4th                               Mia Hart-Smith                     Misty

5th                               Sam Hart-Smith                    Misty

6th                               Isla Hackney                         Prince

7th                               Isla Hackney                         Cui

=8th                             Shanta Sloan                       River Song

=8th                             Millie Watson                        Honey

10th                             Jess Hackney                       Prince

11th                             Bryony Jones                        Millie

12th                             Jess Hackney                       Finn

13th                             Jasmine Hogg                      Caspar

= 14th                          Bethan Belcher                    Hero

= 14th                          Sophia Regan                      Smart By Design

=14th                           Tabitha Thornton                 Coco

= 14th                          Cara Tuke                             Sky

Senior Overall Consistency

Champion                Eleanor Catt                         Doylan Gold Dun Sovereign

Reserve Champ      Sally Georgiou                    Connor

3rd                               Linda Painter                        Derrymore’s Lady Lolita

4th                               Elaine Bracey                       Silver Sam

5th                                Rachel Christie                    James

6th                               Lara Pulsakowa                   Dunlad

7th                               Jo Parker                               Aukjan Leon

= 8th                            Jess Buxton                          Redpools Three Gee

= 8th                            Jo Renfrew                           Blizzard

=8th                             Tamsyn Gillan                      Dave

11th                             Leucha Ciarla                       Tally

12th                             Jess Buxton                          Redpools Mirene

13th                             Emma Hogg                          Tish

14th                             Vanessa Regester               Fantastic Mr Fox

15th                             Jo Theze                                Rossduff

Showing Consistency

Champion           Caitlin Borland                   Drumacre Dreamcatcher

Reserve Champ      Eleanor Catt                        Dunlan Golden Sovereign

3rd                               Jo Parker                               Aukjan Leon

4th                               Shanta Sloan                        River Song

5th                               Leuchar Ciarla                      Tally

6th                               Jessica Buxton                     Redpools Three G             

7th                               Lara Pulsakowski               Dunlad

8th                               Jo Renfrew                            Mountain of Dreams

9th                               Rachel Christie                     James

10th                             Rachael Broom                    Shovern I Cloud

Members Competing at Area for teams or as individuals for SDRC in 2017

Natalie Bird

Caitlin Borland

Elaine Bracey

Kirsten Brown

Jess Buxton

Rachel Christie

LaShara Clements

Hollie Common

Chris Ellis

Jo Freeman

Sally Georgiou

Sally Hart-Smith

Emma Hogg

Karen Hood

Sarah Kendall

Lauren Larter

Ann Marie Ryan

Kay Shepard

Jo Theze

Catherine Tuke

Hayley Ward