Saturday 26th May - Confidence Workshop with Amanda Kirtland-Page

at Bracey's Accountants, Hitchin

This unmounted workshop has been developed and is led by Amanda Kirtland-Page. Amanda has over 25 years of therapeutic experience using hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, NLP and rider psychology and over 30 years of experience working with riders as an instructor.

Open to all ages/abilities, the day is focused entirely on building your confidence when handling and riding, and covers everything from competition nerves to confidence when leading/riding/loading/mounting - whatever you need help with.

This is an intensive day, full of the very latest techniques to improve your riding confidence, which includes the very powerful

Rider Confidence Hypnotherapy Sessions, Self Hypnosis Training, NLP Sports Coaching and Rider Psychology. Not only will the day help you immediately change how you feel by boosting your confidence, but it will give you new skills for the future. You are free to take part in these exercises or just watch and work on them in your own time after the day. All the exercises are designed so that you can use them at any time easily and quickly when you need them. The day is also full of practical tips for you and these, combined with the above work, ensures a highly powerful day

On the day, the riders initially get a ‘rider pack’ which has a folder with lots of information that not only will be covered on the day, but includes additional reading. It will also include all the exercises. The riders also get a free hypnosis CD in their pack. Once they have completed the day, they then get additional support and help via our confidence group. That extra support and help is ongoing and completely free.

Members £75 / Non-members £80

Places are limited and will be first come, first served

For more information see The Confident Horse Rider website -

Contact Becky ( to book